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    Search over 15 millions english books, 7 millions chinese books, 500 malay books(more are coming)
  • Free shipping
    Currently, free shipping for orders above Rm25 and within Peninsular Malaysia. Small fee apply for Sabah and Sarawak and Labuan.
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    Get our Bookurve points every time you purchase a book from us. You can use the points for your next purchase. And, the points will not be expired.
  • Buy/Sell preloved books
    Buy preloved books or new books from other book sellers. And, you can sell your books too in our marketplace.

You can always check it at here (Profile -> Order History).

In the book detail page, we will show about the book's status availability. There are 3 type of status as below:

a. Available (3-5 business days to your door step)
The book is in-stock with our local distributors or in our warehouse. And, it is estimated to reach your door step around 3-5 business days from the day you place the order. We will inform you immediately if the book is not in stock.

b. Available (2-3 weeks to your door step)
The book need to be imported from oversea. Usually, it will take 10-15 business days to reach your door step from the day you place the order.

c. Uncertain
The book will need to check again with our distributor to confirm the stock availability. Please do not place the order for this book ya.

Yes, as long as the order is above Rm25, we will ship for free within Peninsular Malaysia. For East Malaysia, there will be a small shipping fees which is shown during the checkout process.

Yes, all parcels have their own tracking code. And, our logistic partners are PosLaju and AirPak.

Yes, you can.

Below is our MayBank Account info:
Bank Name: MayBank Berhad
Account Name: Bookurve Sdn Bhd
Account Number: 5122-3138-3029

After you have made the payment, please email us the payment slip at support@bookurve.com

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