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Rise of the Financial Ruler

Paul See

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ISBN: 9789811124938
Publisher: Priority Wealth Privated Limited
Publication Date: 2017-05-01
Language: English 9789811124938
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This is a book written based on the FinancialRuler® model Paul has developed. Financial educational books are often boring and not engaging. With that in mind, Paul aims to use a simple story to educate readers with the concepts of personal finance and build their way towards a financially free life.

This story features 2 characters, Reuben and Benjamin. Reuben the eldest of a large family, he is a pragmatic and ambitious guy. Being the eldest, he often calls the shots in the household. While Benjamin, youngest of the 12 siblings, is eager to learn and journals what he plans for his financial decisions.

As the 2 brothers become economically active, their different approach to handling finance is what most of us could easily identify with. Their behaviors are very much a reflection of our good and bad choices we make when posed a financial situation.

Rise of the Financial Ruler aims to equip readers with financial awareness to prepare for both life’s predictable milestones and unexpected situations.


Commendation from our Readers

"The book is enjoyable to read as it depicts various beneficial investment practices as part of a story. It is useful to both cautious and careless investors because of its wide array of possible investment scenarios.
A tremendous amount of effort has been put into the creation of this book, and its story will certainly be enlightening to all members of any society. The contents in the book is a cumulation of experience and wisdom Paul has gained over the years, and they will continue to be true so long as the concept of money exists.

This book can be life-changing. By understanding the lessons within, it would be easier for anyone to manage and grow their wealth, it will be a classic for years to come."

-David Gerald. President and CEO Securities Investor Association (Singapore)


"The Rise of the Financial Ruler is an easy to read story woven with common sense financial planning concepts that will help us build a strong framework towards financial soundness and independence."

~ Apelles Poh. Author of the national bestseller inspirational book "Live Well. Love Much, Laugh Often."(Singapore)


"The Rise of the Financial Ruler is a simple story to put across fresh common sense financial literacy that we all need to know today. I find this book engaging and financial lessons are taught clearly and succinctly.

Paul has crafted the story well such that people from various backgrounds can learn financial lessons through Benjamin and Rueben - the main characters of the story."

~ Rayney Wong. Lawyer, Property Investor and Author (Singapore)

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