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NieR:Automata: Long Story Short, Vol. 1

Jun Eishima, Yoko Taro

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ISBN: 9781974701629
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Publication Date: 2018-10-09
Language: English 9781974701629
Dimensions: 5 x 0 x 7.5 inches
Weight: 0.27 kg (a-14.99-40)
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Experience the world and characters of the hit video game franchise!

When alien forces invade with an army of Machines, the remnants of humanity must depend on Androids of their own design—the placid 2B and the excitable 9S—to survive.

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To: Fans of NieR: Automata

Recommendation: The action to finish reading this novel.

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Response: A novel is a story that used to be told by humans.

Question: The definition of the word “interesting”?

Answer: A possible definition is that the ability to continue reading this novel makes it “interesting.”

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