What is our Trade-In Program?

Here you can trade-in books that you had already read or to clear off your bookshelf in this program. And, also to give your pre-loved book a new life to find it's new owner. At the same time, you can enjoy buying other readers' used book too at 50% discount with your earned Green Points! (Every book will be verified, cleaned and refurbished by Bookurve Team to ensure the book's quality).

1. To Create Sustainability: Re-used is always better than recycle.

2. Give Your Books a Real New Life: We will refurbished your used books so that other readers will read your used books as a new book again.

3. Use Green Point to Enjoy 50% Discount: You can enjoy 50% discount on all used books by using your Green points.

Check out our used books collection here. You can use your Green Points to buy these used books at extra 50% discount! More books are coming!

Join Us now!

STEP 1 : Fill up our google form below:

Click here. Bookurve team will keep in touch with you as soon as possible.

STEP 2: Take photo and WhatsApp us at 016-4454 726

WhatsApp us here. Bookurve team will verify and reply you within 24-hours.


*At this moment, we accept all fiction and non-fiction english books.

  • Academic books/workbooks
  • Books without ISBN number
  • Books with missing pages/mold/spots/dirt inside the pages

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


1. What is Green Points?
When you trade in your books to us, you will be rewarded "Green Points". Every RM1 worth 10 Green Points and it can only be used in buying used books in Bookurve.
2. How does Bookurve calculate the Green Points for my books?
The "Green Points" is equivalent to the full price of the new book as shown in Bookurve website.

For example, if you trade-in, this book : The Alchemist is sold at RM31 as brand new book in our website.

a. If the book condition is Very Good, you will get 100% full price as Green points.
Which is RM31 x 100% = 310 Green Points (RM1 is 10 Green Points)

b. If the book condition is Good, you will get 80% full price as Green points.
Which is RM31 x 80% = 248 Green Points

c. If the book condition is Readable, you will get 50% full price as Green points.
Which is RM31 x 80% = 155 Green Points

3. Can I convert Green Points to Cash Points?
At the moment, it cannot be converted.
4. What type of books does Bookurve accept?

Currently, we accept only English Books in fiction and non-fiction.

However, we do not accept all school books, academic and workbooks, and books that don't have ISBN number.

Also to give a good reading experience for other readers, we do not accept books that are: missing pages, too many hand writing inside the book, have tear-off pages or inside the pages have the mold and mildew.

If you are still not sure, you can take photos of your books and whatapps us at 011-5356 2257 or email us at contact@bookurve.com.

5. What if my book is not listed in Bookurve website?
We wil try to estimate the price of the book and will notify you about the amount of Green Points.
6. How do I ship my books to Bookurve if my area is not covered by free pick up?
If your area is not covered, you can ship your books in the nearby PosLaju Office. We will subsidise the shipping cost in Green Points.

You can ship to us at below address:

Bookurve Sdn Bhd
D-G-13, Medalla@Oasis Corporate Park,
No. 2, Jln PJU 1A/2, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 011-5356 2257

7. Can I drop off my books directly at Bookurve Bookstore?
Yes, you can. Our operating hours is from 9am-6pm on weekday. We are closed on weekend. You can whatsapp us if you need to come on saturday.
8. What Bookurve will do to my books if the books are not qualify?
For unqualified books, we will recycle them on your behalf.
9. Can I trade in back books that I purchased from Bookurve?
Yes, you can! Even you buy from other places. As long as your book condition is readable and adhere to our Quality Control rules, you can always trade in to us.
10. How do you use the Green Points?
If the used book price shown in our website is RM20.

Option A : If you have 100 Green Points, you can enjoy 50% discount using your Green Points.
Our system will auto deduct 100 Green Points(50% of RM20 = RM10), and you only need to pay the balance RM10.

Option B : If you don't have Green Points.
You just need to pay RM20 for the book.
11. How Bookurve verify the used book's condition?
We will verify every books and we will categorise them into 4 types of condition.

Type 1: Very good condition(Trade in and get Green Points in equivalent to 100% full price shown in Bookurve website)
The book pages are in clean condition. It may contain: a line on the book cover, a slight dirt/mark. The book might not come with the book jacket.

Type 2: Good condition (Trade in and get Green Points in equivalent to 80% price shown in Bookurve website)
The book pages are in clean condition. It may contain: small writing, a bit dirt, a bit damage at the book corner. The pages may turn yellow but does not contain mold/mildew.

Type 3: Readable (Trade in and get Green Points in equivalent to 50% price shown in Bookurve website)
The book pages are in clean condition. It contains mold/mildew at the edge of the book pages.

Type 4: Rejected Book (Bookurve will recycle the books accordingly with no Gree Points rewards.)
The book contains: missing pages, too many handwriting & drawing, a lot of dirt and mildew.
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