What is Buyback?

We provide a “Buyback” feature for readers who purchase books from Bookurve (Not other sellers in Bookurve.com). It means that you can sell back the book to us within 3-months after purchase.

  • 1. Email Us

    Email us about the book you want to sell back to us at contact@bookurve.com Please provide the below info:
    a. Order ID
    b. Book Title
    c. Book ISBN, eg.978xxxxxxxxx
  • 2. Send Your Book

    Once you receive the confirmation email, you may proceed to post the book (using PosLaju) to our address.
  • 3. Receive Bookurve Points

    After we have received the book, we will credit bookurve points to your account (cashless).

Fiction and non fiction books are entitled for the “Buyback” option. The textbooks and reference books are not entitled.

We will give a 20% of the price shown in bookurve.com and we will give extra 60 points (Rm6) to cover part of your shipping fees to our warehouse.

The book must be in good condition. If the book is damaged or tear off or contain highlighted or writing, Bookurve has the right to reject to buyback your book.

We will credit you the “Buyback” value as Bookurve points. There will be no cash involved. You can use the points for your next purchase and it will not be expired.

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