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The Inverted Banyan Tree

JK Asher

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ISBN: 9781925117950
Publisher: Atlantis Books
Publication Date: 2017-07-01
Language: English 9781925545395
Weight: 0.67 kg (bk-69-0)
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During the 2nd world war, in Port Dickson - Malaya, an angelic Roman Catholic Serani (Eurasian) girl saves the life of a Muslim teenager, Usmael, from Japanese soldiers. His father Ummah Ibrahim, Headman and Gurdian of Keramat Rimau, is captivated by her selfless courage. when massacred in the Occupation, Ummahs love is sealed over Mariam.
Years laters Ummah seeks her hand in marriage for Ismael, now a Ranger with the Worcestershire Regiment.
Over the decades as Malaysia is sieged by new money and greed, the innocent haven of Port Dickson is under threat. As the strings of political intrigue are pulled, Faith in Allah is violenced and Ummah, Ismael and Mariam must fight for their love.
The world of the Serani - the Eurasians, is on the cusp of being eclipsed.
Can good triumph over Evil? Will love prevail over fanaticism and madness!??

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