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Less Chaos. Less Noise.: Effective Communications for an Effective Church

Kem Meyer

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ISBN: 9780997427400
Publisher: Less Chaos. Less Noise.
Publication Date: -
Language: English 9780997427400
Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.84 x 8.5 inches
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Do you ever wonder why people aren't getting your message? You email, tweet, hang signs, create video announcements, send newsletters and boost your posts ... and the response isn't what you want. Is anyone even listening? What if you could cut through the chaos and the noise and find the direct route to your audience? It's easier than you think. Less Chaos. Less Noise. delivers proven "now" strategies for church communications--practical solutions and best-practice principles that build trust instead of walls. > Quickly establish your expertise through simple techniques you can use now for easy, early success. > Rise above the frenzy of overwhelming demands and learn a framework to lead internal change towards a clear and unified strategy. > Overcome communications barriers with your members and your community by learning to connect with hearts and minds, rather than broadcast to the masses. > Avoid the frustration of multi-audience messaging by identifying key channels for each group and learning the language that matters to them. > Bust through the limits of a small budget with free strategies that are essential for effective communications.
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