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The Responsive Universe: Illumination of the Nine Mandalas

John C. Bader

ISBN: 9781938459283
Publisher: Wisdom Moon Publishing
Publication Date: -
Language: English 9781938459283
Dimensions: 5.98 x 0.48 x 9.02 inches
Weight: 0.32 kg (a-18.00-0)
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Bookurve Reward System
The Responsive Universe is a handbook to self-discovery. Within these pages are refreshing and insightful revelations, exercises, meditations, and daily-life practices designed to help the reader find happiness in a world of indifference, leading to transformations in our thinking and acting, and to an awareness of our True Nature and the quantum energy that drives this conscious and instinctual Universe. The Responsive Universe illuminates a path of mindfulness and clarity with the goal of suffering less and connecting to the voice within that speaks wisdom and truth.
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